Re: Immunohistochemistry CLIA regulations

From:Amos & Theresa <>

    We recently purchased this publication and I assure you it is a valuable
asset. You probably won't learn anything that you wouldn't get out of a good
book but it can be used as a reference in procedure manuals and in justification
for certain procedures during inspections. I highly recommend it and thank
whomever it was who suggested it last week.
Amos Brooks wrote:

> Sorry to tell you, but your best bet for this is NCCLS.  They just developed
> a new "Guidelines for IHC" which is excellent and the best comprehensive
> source for IHC QC standards that I know of.  It is called "Quality Assurance
> for Immunocytochemistry; Proposed Guideline MM4-P and I think it is about
> $85.  NCCLS can be reached at <>
> phone:  610.688.0100

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