Re: Antigen retreival with an autoclave

From:Abizar Lakdawalla <>

Just a note to guys out there using an autoclave or pressure cooker for
antigen retrieval. I saw a pretty impressive electrical pressure cooker
(Faberware) at Macy's for about $150 that is pure push-button heaven. Load,
close, set time, press a couple of buttons, and thats it! We bought one to
try out in the lab, works like a charm. After all, it's time to get some
X'mas presents for your lab.

Tammaryn Lashley wrote:

> Dear All,
> Does anybody out there have any experience with using an autoclave as a
> means of antigen retrieval in fixed tissue?
> Tammaryn
> Dep. of Neuropathology
> Institute of Neurology
> Queens Square House
> Queens Square
> London WC1N 3BG
> Tel: 0171 837 3611 ext 4247

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