RE: advice on sectioning

When using silane coated slides (plus slides) you should not ever put
anything in the water bath, this will negate the sticking power of the
positive charge of the slides.  For frozen sections try to cut as thin as
possible and air dry at least 2 hours before fixing and staining.  You might
also consider using Poly l lysine coated slides,  I am not sure what kind of
coating the slides from SurgiPath have that you are using.
Patsy Ruegg

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	Sent:	Tuesday, December 05, 2000 3:32 AM
	Subject:	advice on sectioning

	I am actually pretty new to histology and would really appreciate
	advice if possible.  I am having trouble keeping the tissues from
	falling off the slides during the staining matter
	protocol I use...we use precoated slides from surgipath, and I have
	added addtional adhesive to a water bath to see if that would help
the did not.  The tissues being sectioned are very fresh
	we use a cryostat to section...If anyone has any new ideas or
	suggestions I would really appreciate them

	Thank you

	Vanessa Heim
	Boston University Medical Center
	Dept of Urology Research
	Boston, Ma  02130

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