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We have been using a Mark 5 HSS Immunostainer for the past few months. We
also have TechMates. We've found the machine to be quite reliable and very
little needed to be changed from the protocols devised for the TechMates. We
feel that some stains are cleaner and that the machine is gentler on the
tissue sections then the TechMates. We attribute this to the one way flow on
the Mark 5 vs. the two way flow on the TechMate. Additionally, we find the
Mark 5 to be more flexible than the TechMates since we can use it for
overnight runs which increases our productivity. The only negatives so far
are some software improvements which we hope to see early next year and the
availability of coverplates from Shandon.

John E. Tarpley 5-1-A
Associate Scientist
Amgen Inc.
One Amgen Center Drive
Thousand Oaks, CA 91320

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Does anyone have any hands-on experience with the Mark 5  HSS automated
immunohistochemical stainer from Diagnostic Products Corporation

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