Microtome Recommendation


Good morning Histonetters:

     I've FINALLY gotten my boss to agree to purchase a microtome.  I spoke 
with a Leica rep a short time ago.  Since I am in a research area, I need a 
microtome that will allow me to cut paraffin (decals...some in regular size 
cassettes, some over-sized in mega cassettes), as well as plastic sections 
(PMMA and Spurr's).  He recommended the Leica RM 2155.  The price will go up 
and the rebate will end on December 31, so I don't have alot of time.  I have 
scheduled a demo for next week, but I was wondering if anyone has any 
experience with this machine and would like to offer their input...good 
and/or bad.  Any other suggestions for me to try?

Thanks for your help.

Happy Holidays!!

-Diane Mahovlic
Orthopedic Pathology Laboratory
The Cleveland Clinic Foundation
Cleveland, Ohio

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