Looking for technicon manual


Greetings netters,

	I would first of all like to thank Sue Tyler in Maine for helping
me by providing me with a Technicon Mono.  I have heard more than a few
people tell me about the generous people on the histonet, and I certainly
know that's true.
	Now I'm back to take advantage of someone else's generosity.  I am
looking for the Autotechnicon service manual.  I realize this may be a bit
hard to find.  I called a couple of places and they really didn't know what
I was talking about.  The last guy, though, says, "Why don't you ask the
Histonet?".  The 10 watt bulb in my head starts to glow a bit.  Oh yeah!
	So if anyone has a copy of the service manual for an Autotechnicon
Mono, I would love to get a copy of it.  This is the service manual, not
the user manual.  It tends to be mostly  a repair-type manual.  If you have
one, or know where I could get one, please reply to me at this email
address.  I will happily pay for copying costs and postage.  TIA and Merry

Randy Carpenter

Parker Hughes Institute
Roseville,  MN
msp04636@isd.net (home)

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