Human Embryo Sides

From:Richard Dujay <>

>>I am writing in hope that you maybe able to help me with a problem.  I
>>am the manager of the Electron Microscopy and Histology Laboratory at
>>Mesa State College in Grand Junction, Colorado.  I recently received an
>>aging slide of a human embryo (parasagittal section) from a colleague on
>>campus and was asked to recover-slip the slide.  This was no problem,
>>however after I finished and was admiring my work I dropped the slide
>>and broke it into more than just several pieces.  The slide was
>>completely destroyed.  I am now trying to replace it.  These types of
>>slides are becoming increasingly harder to find, and this being the only
>>one at our campus for students to view the histology of developing human
>>embryo is now lost to my clumsiness.
>>My question is: do you know where I may find this type of slide (1st
>>trimester of a human embryo)?  Any help you can give me will be greatly
>>appreciated, and it may also get me off my colleague's BLACK LIST.
>>Thank you for your help
>>Rick Dujay Ph.D.
>>Mesa State College
>>Dept. of Biology/Electron Microscopy
>>1100 North Ave.
>>Grand Junction, Colorado 81502
>>Office: 970-248-1690
>>FAX: 970-248-1700

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