Re: Stain to demonstrate ossification

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From:"Barry Rittman" <>
Date:Thu, 26 Aug 1999 05:20:59 -0700
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		a good Mason trichrome, a Hx and van Gieson or PAS-Alccian blue. All show
the details of cartilage, developing bone spicules  and the epiphyseal
plates that you are looking for.

At 05:03 PM 08/25/1999 +1300, you wrote:
>I have a question to put to the 'HistoNet'. I am looking for a stain that
>would demonstrate the developement of the bones in the foot of a 10-11 day
>feotal rat. In particular, to contrast the degenerating tissue between
>developing bones and the developing bones themselves. If the stain shows
>the bone developement at a cytological level it would be better.
>                                 Thanks in advance.

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