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Date:Tue, 17 Aug 1999 18:15:24 +1000
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No! You're not stuck with Hollande Fix.- the Clinican is - and as a result
your Pathologist (and the Practice ) will not be held accountable for any
failure to make a diagnosis or misdiagnosis as a result of conditions beyond
your control that result in poor or inadequate fixation. If the Hollande's
fix is as bad as you say (I have no personal experience), this must be
documented and the Clinican notified in writing and asked to sign a
statement that he/she refuses to use the fixative of choice (whatever that
may be), despite an alternative being made available. Every report made on
that clinicans biopsies must also have a disclaimer, so that it is always in
the patient's history. The disclaimer can be as simple as "Biopsy material
received in ....., and is not considered suitable for processing/ microscopy
etc." Do this in your cut-up Macro/ prosection description.
Let's see how they like them apples. They'll most likely change, and
quickly, or take their work elsewhere.
Mike (Downunder)
PS. Just be sure of your facts before you go ahead with the above, the
histonet is a good place to start with.
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From: Shotsberger-Gray, Wanda <>
To: <>; John Shaw
Date: Tuesday, 17 August 1999 7:33

>Our pathologists hate this stuff, and I am not using language that is too
>strong.  We have one account that insists on sending its GI biopsies in
>Hollande's.  It gets everywhwere in the gross room and the docs say it
>doesn't fix worth a darn.  We tried to talk the clinician into anything
>else, but he said NO!  It's  a wierd situation, but he won't change and our
>docs consider themselves stuck.
>Wanda Shotsberger
>Harris Methodist Hosp
>Fort Worth TX
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>From: John Shaw
>Date: Friday, August 13, 1999 12:28PM
>Hi Histonetters;
>The lab I am now at is considering switching from B-5 fixative to
>fixative for G.I. biopsies.  They would like to get some feedback from
>institutions that are employing this fixative.  Please forward any
>to Lorraine Smallwood, email
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