Re: Silver Staining problem

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From:"Louri Caldwell" <>
Date:Wed, 11 Aug 1999 04:01:24 PDT
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Although we rarely do the procedure, we use the Microwave Modification of 
Bielschowsky's Method found in Carson's Histotechnology. We also use 
superfrost charged slides, but have not seen the problem you describe.

Hope this helps,

Louri Caldwell

>From: "Histo-Scientific Research Laboratory" <>
>To: <>
>Subject: Silver Staining problem
>Date: Mon, 9 Aug 1999 10:49:14 -0400
>     Dear Histonetters,
>We have been having problems using either saline coated slides or 
>plus slides for Bielschowsky Method for Neurofibrils.  The problem we are
>experiencing is that we are getting a cloud of gray on the slides that will
>not come off.  We tried using ammonium hydroxide to remove the precipitate,
>but that does not work.  Using "untreated" slides doesn't work because the
>tissue falls off during staining, even if the slides dry overnight or in 
>oven.  By the way, our protocol is close to the AFIP protocol.  What does
>everyone else do to rectifiy this problem?
>Tom Galati
>Histo-Scientific Research Labs.
>107 Killmon Road
>P.O. Box 30
>Basye, VA  22810

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