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Date:Fri, 6 Aug 1999 17:35:55 EDT
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Hi Tampa Supervisor,
Welcome to the Histonet. Oh we just hate our 6 packs, too. Presently we cut 3 
levels per block and at each level take an unstained slide section from the 
same ribbon as the H&E. So 6 slides per block with 6 sites per patient equals 
36 slides per patient. I guess you make out the best with only 30/patient. So 
far our worst day had 7, 6 packs totaling 252 slides just for 7 cases. Yes, 
very few high molecular weight cytokeratins are ordered but the paths. won't 
change their requests.
Best of luck.
Joel Benoit
Cooley-Dickinson Hosp.

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