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Here at Sacred Heart Medical Center, we are currently staffed 24 hrs/ day
from 0430 Monday to 0630 Saturday.  Until a couple of months ago when we
shifted one tech to a 2200 - 0630 shift because he WANTED to because of
going back to school, out evening shift ended at 2230 hrs.  We have two
evening persons. One starts at 1300 hrs and the other starts at 1500 hrs.
They cut the majority of GI and other biopsies plus some regular blocks and
some special stains. They also finish up late IHC and IF runs when needed
and occasionally cut frozens.  We tried to staff a grave yard shift a couple
of years ago, and found it very hard to keep anybody.  A person has to be
very motivated to do this shift.  Particularly, now that it is getting
harder and harder to recruit registered HT's!  I would be interested in
other labs and how they staff for turn around time.  Thank You.
Best Regards.


Michael L. Johnson, HT/HTL(ASCP)
Histology Supervisor
Sacred Heart Medical Center
W. 101 8th Avenue
Spokane, Washington 99220
(509) 626-4418
FAX (509) 455-2052
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Date: Tuesday, August 03, 1999 2:57 PM

>Due to the possibility of a consolidation of laboratories and an expanded
>staff and workload, I need  information from those of you who have labs
>utilizing two or more shifts per day. What times do staff members report?
>you run additional processing runs during the day for those who may work
>later? Have any of you changed to this type of work schedule recently and
>how did staff respond to the change? If responses are too lengthy for the
>histonet, I'd be happy to contact anyone individually. Thanks in advance
>any and all help.
>Janice Pfluke HT, HTL (ASCP)
>Histology Supervisor
>ViaHealth/Rochester General Hospital
>ph. 716-338-4322   fax  716-338-4128

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