Re: Shandon Cadenza users

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From:N Kenneison <>
To:Special Histology Lab Tech <>
Date:Wed, 4 Aug 1999 22:52:33 +0100

Hi there Michelle

This coul dbe due to "micro-bubbles" when placing the coverplate on the
section - solved by oneof two methods
1. Apply buffer to the coverplate and place slide on top - similar to
making a blood film, grip fimrly and insert into holder, fill with
buffer and watch drip rate.
2. Immerse the coverplate in buffer and place slide on coverplate and
then as for 1.

Also do you reuse your coverplates? or use new each time? 

Nigel Kenneison
RD&E, Devon  

In message <>, Special Histology Lab
Tech <> writes
>To anyone out there who is using the Shandon Cadenza for 
>immunostaining or a Shandon Rep:
>We have 2 Cadenzas which we use everyday for our immunostaining and 
>we have had these machines for a few years.  Recently, we started 
>seeing a' bubble artifact' (areas of no staining) on the tissue. 
>This is driving our pathologists crazy because there are times when 
>the bubble is in the area they are interested in.  We just 
>had both machines serviced and initially the staining seemed better 
>but now the problem has returned.  We tried using a different wash 
>buffer, but that made the problem worse.  If anyone can shed some 
>light on this problem, we would really appreciate it.  
>Michele Margiotta
>Immunohistochemistry Lab
>UH@Stony Brook,NY 

N Kenneison

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