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From:Rob Geske <>,
Date:Fri, 06 Aug 1999 10:10:48 -0500
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<html><div>Hi Nancy,</div> <br> <div>saying that AEC is soluble in alcohol is the correct reason and i would suggest that is exactly what you proffer to the students.  i would also suggest that you use this situation as a teaching opportunity for your students to become available with the physical properties of the chemicals that they will be using in their laboratory experiences.  i expect you familiarize them with MSDS and the useful information that can be gleaned from that document.  also, there are many tools on the internet that would be beneficial.  when i read your question i simply put aminoethyl carbazol as the search term in yahoo and linked up to a great site from NTP (Nation Toxicology Program) that has solubility information for AEC--- the address follows:</div> <br> <div> <a href="" EUDORA=AUTOURL></a></div> <br> <div>as far as remedy for the present situation, if it were me, i would consider going after the secondary antibody that you further developed with AEC as if it were the primary and then finish up again with AEC.  there may be some stearic hinderence from the ABC, but its worth a shot.</div> <br> <div>hows the job market in nashville these days?</div> <br> <br> <div>good luck</div> <br> <div>rob</div> <br> <br> <br> <div>At 08:34 AM 8/6/99 -0500, wrote:</div> <div>></div> <div>></div> <div>>Histonetters,</div> <div>></div> <div>>I need your help.  While doing a VERY important immunohistochemical (IHC) run</div> <div>>and trying to teach three new people about IHC at the same time- I did the MOST</div> <div>>STUPID thing I've done in years.  The IHC run had two different chromagens - DAB</div> <div>>and AEC.  I know better (Murphy's Law) but I was in a big hurry plus overworked,</div> <div>>I threw both sets of slides into alcohol after the chromogen step.  Needless to</div> <div>>say, the AEC set of slides were ruined.  My new employees wanted to know why</div> <div>>they were ruined, and if there is a possible way to save them.  Besides just</div> <div>>saying "Because" or AEC is water soluble - what is a good explanation?  Is there</div> <div>>any possible way of saving the slides?  (again, the slides were/are an</div> <div>>important, rare tissue type)</div> <div>></div> <div>>Nancy Cardwell</div> <div>>Research Assistant III</div> <div>>Vanderbilt University Medical Center</div> <div>>Nashville, Tennessee</div> > <BR> <font color="#0000FF"><i><div align="center"> Robert S. Geske<br> Research Associate<br> Center for Comparative Medicine and Department of Pediatrics<br> Baylor College of Medicine</font></i></html>
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