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From:"Todd Sherman" <>
Date:Fri, 6 Aug 1999 01:54:32 -0500
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I cannot comment on the Y2K integrity of the Histonet server (Herb Hagler,
the administrator of this server could allay those fears), but I can say
that any computer is susceptible to the Y2K (abbreviated date code) bug.  It
is also not restricted to the (both operating system and
applications) must be compliant as well.  Your computer's BIOS (an
integrated master chip with fundamental instructions for your mainboard)
must be compliant too.  The reason individual computers are more likely to
crash is because many are owned and operated by individuals who do not have
the resources/knowledge to test and/or correct the bug.  A server,
especially a publicly accessed one, is likely administered by a
knowledgeable staff with funding to research and repair any errors that
arise.  I don't want to alarm everybody because if your computer is a
relatively recent make, the Y2K bug has already been accounted for and the
proper hardware modifications made.  I cannot give a cutoff date for when
computers became compliant because there are just too many manufacturers and
configurations to generalize.  It would take some effort on the computer
owner/operator's part to confirm that all components are Y2K compliant.
Numerous utilities (i.e.. testing programs) exist that can evaluate the
status of a computer, and they can provide some idea of the extent of
susceptibility a computer might have to this bug.  Otherwise, a phone call
or email to the manufacturer's support site may be in order.  Most
(and...going out on a ledge here...probably all) new software is either Y2K
compliant or have a patch to repair the bug.

Hope this helps,

Todd S. Sherman
UT Southwestern Medical Center
Pediatrics/Neonatal Medicine
5323 Harry Hines Blvd.
Dallas, TX  75235

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From: Mike Kirby []
Sent: Friday, August 06, 1999 12:53 AM
Subject: Y2K

Greetings fellow Histonetters.

Being one from the "old school" and having been born "B.C" (before
computers), I hesitate to ask this question in case I am perceived to be a
dork, but is the Histonet server Y2K compatible? or is it only individual
computers that are likely to crash, come the year 2000?
Please allay the fears of the mentally challenged.

Mike Kirby
R.South Africa

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