[Histonet] Cross polarization and collagen I and III

From:"Liz Chlipala"

Hello again
If anyone remembers my post late last week on cross polarization the
reason why I asked that is that I have a paper of a technique that used
cross polarization and picrosirius stained slides to differenciate
collagen I fibers from collagen III fibers.  In the paper they basically
stated the the thicker collagen I fibers looked orange-red and the
thinner collagen III fibers looked green.  I have not heard of this
before and was a bit confused, I thought that picrosirus just stained
for collagen, so I initally thought that maybe cross polarization is
different than routine polarization. I have since found out that they
are one in the same.  My question now is there anyone out there familar
with using picrosirus to differenciate collagen III from collagen I and
can you do that?
Thanks in advance
PS - I do have the paper if anyone is intersted in looking at it.
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