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I have watching this thread to see if someone mentions a rotating stage.
Having serviced microscopes in the past, I know that there are
polarizing microscopes that are set up with a rotating polarizer below
the condenser and a stationary analyzer (same as a Polarizer but called
an analyzer because it is above the specimen) above the objectives.
Then once you have aligned the polarizer and analyzer to get the
polarized light you can rotate the stage of the microscope to see the
different colors depending on the alignment of the crystal or fiber.

Picrosirus red will stain other tissue elements and the conformation of
what is stained is collagen is with polarization (Histological &
Histochemical Methods J.A. Kiernan  pg. 150).  This is a good reference
on this technique.

Please send me a copy of this paper.  Thank you

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Subject: [Histonet] Cross polarization and collagen I and III

Hello again
If anyone remembers my post late last week on cross polarization the
reason why I asked that is that I have a paper of a technique that used
cross polarization and picrosirius stained slides to differenciate
collagen I fibers from collagen III fibers.  In the paper they basically
stated the the thicker collagen I fibers looked orange-red and the
thinner collagen III fibers looked green.  I have not heard of this
before and was a bit confused, I thought that picrosirus just stained
for collagen, so I initally thought that maybe cross polarization is
different than routine polarization. I have since found out that they
are one in the same.  My question now is there anyone out there familar
with using picrosirus to differenciate collagen III from collagen I and
can you do that?
Thanks in advance
PS - I do have the paper if anyone is intersted in looking at it.
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