Re: [Histonet] Problems of processing brain for paraffin embedding

From:Gayle Callis

Are you processing whole brain, or coronal slices?  Once you indicate, I 
will be happy to send our protocols via private email attachement.

At 02:30 AM 7/30/2005, you wrote:
>Dear Members,
>I have problems with paraffin processing of mouse and hamster brains and 
>spinal cords. I have perfused the animals with PFA 4% and I postfixed them 
>in the same buffer for 7-8 days and then stored in Alc 70% (up to now). 
>After sectioning, tissues wrinkle in a way that it is torn after 
>flattenning (on a slide warmer), therefore the quality is not good at all.
>Can anyone give me hints to overcome the problem. A detailted protocol of 
>paraffin processing would be great.
>A.P. Tafreshi

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