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From:"Rogerson Kemlo (ELHT) Pathology"

Just a thought but a control should be processed and fixed to the same
standard as the Patient's material. I'd have thought logically that you
can only control those factors yourself and that all controls should be
'home grown'. Except, that is, those that are unattainable due to their

You should look at both the control and the patient's slide, if there is
a disparity then you will have to restain; a known case of TB negative?
Like any procedure things go wrong and as a Professional you ought to be
in 'control'. 

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Hello All,
    Our Pathologist believe control slides which are purchased are bomb
proof and we should process our own.  How does everyone else feel about
this? Oh, and one more question,  when you do any special stain do you
review the patient slide or just the control?  I have been asking around
and I have been getting different answers.  We recently had a false
negative on a GMS for Fungus and this tech does not review the patient
slides, in this case the control slide was positive.  Thank you for any

Chantel Boswell HT (ASCP)
Waco, Tx
Thank you in advance,
Chantel Boswell HT (ASCP)
Waco, Tx
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