[Histonet] cryojane system inquiry

From:"Y. Wang"

Dear all,

We want to purchase a cryojane system for our frozen tissue (we have tried 
one and it works really well). However, in order to satisfy the 
requirements of our purchasing department I need to show them that I have 
made a 'thorough inquiry' as to if there is another system out there that 
can do this job and why the cryojane is better for our application. From 
my searches on the web and from the histonet e-mails I have not seen any 
other system that can do what the cryojane can do for us (make thin 
sections from frozen tissue with implants in them without the implant 
falling out while sectioning). However, it is possible I may be missing 
something, if so, please let me know. However, if I am correct in my 
thinking also please let me know so I can add 'query to a professional 
list server' as one of my search areas (as I was given the impression web 
searches aren't enough!).

Thank you for your help

Senior Fellow
Department of Bioengineering
University of Washington
Box 357962
Seattle, WA 98195

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