[Histonet] Results of "New Lab Ideas" Poll

From:"Breeden, Sara"

And with many thanks to all of you that had input, herewithin is a list
of the thoughts.  And, might I add, this is just one reason I think this
medium (Histonet) is absolutely necessary!!  Lookie what I found

Large SINKS - and more than one; sink in HOOD for specials, IHC, etc.;
ergonomically correct SEATING and COUNTER HEIGHT for task; proper
VENTILATION and AIR DIRECTION (as in no airflow above microtome/water
bath, but proper ventilation for fume removal and room temperature
control); BRIGHT WHITE LIGHTING in task areas; VENT (ambient air
pressure?) or similar over embedding area/processor (for heat removal);
DEDICATED CIRCUITS for essential equipment and BACKUP POWER UNITS for
same; D.I. WATER; separate HAZMAT STORAGE and STORAGE for acids and
bases (separately); STORAGE for supplies/inventory (larger than you
think you'll ever need); EYEWASH/SHOWER; TEXTURED FLOOR; 30" deep
COUNTERS; rounded COUNTERTOP edges; COUNTERTOPS that don't stain or
corrode (stainless steel not recommended); no GLASS-INSERT DOORS
(visible clutter); overhead VENTS w/snorkels; and appropriate WORKFLOW

Of course, this prompted a few "needs" for my particular space, which I
will list just for informational purposes.  But it may jog a thought for
someone in a similar position: HAZMAT storage out of work area or in an
area that's near the need (i.e., processor); trash cans out of walkway
(!); area for slide return (post-pathologist); locking cabinets and
drawers (for blades, knives, Secret Histology Stuff, etc.); and
under-cabinet lighting.

I'm sure the list will grow.

Sally Breeden, HT(ASCP)
New Mexico Department of Agriculture
Veterinary Diagnostic Services
POBox 4700 Albuquerque, NM  87196
(505)841-2518 FAX

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