[Histonet] RE: Endogenous Peroxidase

From:"C.M. van der Loos"

   Hello James and others,

   Despite of all the (useless) chemical stories you've received so far I
   think  that  there's  mix-up  of  Na3N and NaN3 here. "Sodium nitride"
   should be "sodium azide" = NaN3. That would fit in very well with your
   subject  line:  "endogenous  peroxidase".  The mixture of PBS (or TBS)
   with  Na-azide  and  peroxide  is  a  well  known  procedure to quench
   endogenous  peroxidase  activity  (Li et al., JHC 35:1457-1460, 1987).
   The only thing that doesn't fit here is the fact it isn't new...

   Chris van der Loos, PhD
   Dept. of Pathology
   Academic Medical Center M2-230
   Meibergdreef 9
   NL-1105 AZ Amsterdam
   The Netherlands

   Date: Tue, 16 Aug 2005 07:28:36 +0000
   From: "Mr James Hugh Reilly" 
   Subject: [Histonet] Endogenous Peroxidase
   To: histonet@lists.utsouthwestern.edu
   I  have  been  asked to try a new Immumohistochemistry (IHC) technique
   which  uses  1%  hydrogen  peroxide and 2% sodium nitride in phosphate
   buffer  solution.   Does anyone know what sodium nitride Is? and where
   can it be purchased?
   Jim Reilly
   University Dept. Medicine
   Level 3 QEB
   Royal Infirmary
   10 Alexandra Parade
   G31 2ER
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