[Histonet] Help with Processing run

From:"cindy keith"

I started a new job in a lab that has always only had a day shift.  My new 
hours here are 3 am -11am replacing a person who worked 530am-2pm.  This 
change was not well received by my fellow coworkers/supervisor.  My question 
is if the processing run ends at 3am and if I were to be out sick would you 
think it would be ok to leave bx/lg tissue sitting in the parrafin at 62-64 
degrees for 2 1/2 hours-to potentially 3 hours waiting for the next person 
to come in or would you think it would be better for the tissue to be 
removed by a fellow lab person and hardened on counter then remelted to 
embed upon someone else arriving?  Immunos are performed on this tissue 
also.  Your responses would be greatly appreciated.

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