[Histonet] Problems with Leica 1850

From:Gayle Callis

Interesting, we have three 1850's and never have cutting concerns with 
them.  We cut snap frozen bovine skin (tough leathery type) innumerable 
tissues from mouse, rat, hamster,  decalcified and undecalcified bone, 
thick 50 um brain and have sectioned human tissues without problems and 
some exotic other things like biofilms.

  Maybe it is more than just instrument problems and your cryosectioning 
technics (blades, temperatures, etc) that needs reevaluation.  If you use 
low profile blades exclusively and have not tried high profile blades, you 
should TRY the high profile, and try other brands of knife blades.  Some 
blades perform much better than others.    Accuedge high profiles are just 
as sharp as their low profile blades but much sturdier for cryomicrotomy.

At 10:47 AM 8/23/2004, you wrote:

>We had nothing but "chatter" trouble and other cutting concerns with a new
>Leica 1850 at the facility we used to work at.  They even had the rep from
>Germany in and ended up giving us a new cryostat, same model.  We still had
>periodic problems with it and have been told that the new knife holder
>design for this cryostat has some design flaws!  So, we went back to an
>older model knife holder and that kept our cutting concerns to a
>minimum..still not perfect!  At the facility I work at now, they purchased
>the same model and we have the same problems, mostly with skin specimens.
>The tech who works on this cryostat is very good from a local company and he
>has given us an older knife holder for this one, too, and recently found
>another internal problem that he is ordering parts for.  I can let you know
>exactly what that is when he comes back to fix it.
>It is a nice cryostat, but it bothers me why there are so many cutting
>concerns with this model???
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