[Histonet] RE: Artisan Stainer

From:"Paula Wilder"

We have had the Artisan for nearly a year now.  We had had some problems 
with it initially, due to lack of information and training.  We found you 
had to initialize between each run, the refrigerated packs, especially the 
silvers HAD to come to room temperture, otherwise there would be a 
precipitate on the slide.  We also learned that when filling the bulk 
fluids, you had to decrease the volume by 10%.  So if the reagent bottle was 
actually 950 ml, then you would tell it 900. What we thought was precipitate 
was actually reagents not being rinsed off the slide because of an empty 
bulk fluid bottle.  We also needed a power back-up and surge protector.  
Those seemed to be the end of our problems.  The trichrome stain needs to be 
by itself since there is something wrong with the packs.  We were told that 
the packs squirt and that manufacturing is working on the problem.  Our turn 
around time for specials has improved and I also lost a tech with this 
machine (someone not being replaced).  Stains are beautiful and consistent 
Paula Wilder
St. Joseph Medical Center
Baltimore, MD. 21204

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