[Histonet] Plus charge slides and negative effect

From:Gayle Callis


The plus charge, whether silane or poly l lysine can create some 
hydrophobic bonding with  proteins and/or chromogen to the charge slide 
surface.  This does shows up as background crud on slide away around 
section and that ugly colored "ring around the section".  This is discussed 
by Boenisch in DAKO handbook, the freebie.   Using a detergent e.g. Tween 
20 or Triton X 100 eliminates this problem.  We are very careful to have a 
good positive control to insure staining, as you do - if we have lack of 
staining, look to something other than plus charge slide being the culprit 
for cause.  You posed an interesting question.  I guess one could test this 
question on the negative effect and use a regular slide side by side with 
charged slide, but loss of section is always lurking (bummer).  If you ever 
do it, let us know the results.

  so At 08:10 AM 8/5/2004, you wrote:
>To my colleagues:
>I have a question.Is anyone out there having occasional staining(orlack of 
>staining on IHc slides?) I was told that the charge or the way the slides 
>are charged can have (pardon the pun) a negative effect. Does anyone know 
>/experience or have the scientific data for this?
>                                  Dana
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