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From:"Joe Nocito"

We have experienced situations where the slides had too much of a positive
charge that it made the slides hydrophobic. When the reagents were placed on
the slide, they just sit there and bead up. Now I expect to get "FLAMED" for
this, but since Fisher purchased Erie Scientific (this is what was told to
me), I'm beginning to wonder how this acquisition is going to play out not
just with positive slides, but all slides.
	Sorry, back to the question. We've had problems with positive charged
slides not holding the tissue on also. I think it must be a fine line when
these slides are produced as to how much chemicals are mixed with the glass.
Just my experience.

Joe Nocito, BS, HT(ASCP) QIHC
Histology Manager
Pathology Reference Lab
San Antonio, TX

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To my colleagues:

I have a question.Is anyone out there having occasional staining(orlack of
staining on IHc slides?) I was told that the charge or the way the slides
are charged can have (pardon the pun) a negative effect. Does anyone know
/experience or have the scientific data for this?

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