preg/nursing histotechs

From:"Mack, Jacquie" (by way of Histonet)

      Thank you all very much for  your replies re: pregnant/nursing
HIstotechs and their safety.  It seems  that generally, there are no
defined guidelines for exposure during  pregnancy.  Some labs don't allow
their pregnant techs to change the  processors, stainers, etc. to minimize
their exposure.  A few noted that  they knew of techs who had problems with
pregnancy until they removed themselves  from the lab environment.
Unfortunately, there are no specific regulations with  OHS groups that I
discovered in the responses.   I think this is a very  important issue that
should be looked at.  Who knows what long term  exposure can cause.  IF
anyone would like to help/suggest a method of study  (or who knows of one
existing), please feel free to contact me at the e mail  address below.  
Thank you very  much.    

Jacqueline Mack
Tech III Anatomic Pathology 
Foothills Medical Center 
Calgary Laboratory Services
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