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From:"Margaret Blount"

Dear Loralee

Try Superfrost Plus slides or Polysine slides, most histology suppliers
stock these slides. Otherwise you could gelatine "sub" them. Firstly clean
the slides by soaking in acid alcohol for a couple of hours, then make up a
solution of 2.5g gelatin in 500ml warm distilled water, add 0.25g chrome
alum and filter. Dip the slides into this solution and dry in a dust free
environment, e.g. your 37C oven. You may find that these won't be as nice as
bought in plus slides though as the gelatin does tend to attract stains
around the edges of the slide.
Good luck.

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Margaret Blount
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Clinical Biochemistry
University of Cambridge
Addenbrooke's Hospital
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Subject: coated slides

I am having problems with tissue staying on my slides after drying overnight
in 37C oven and then one more night in a 60C oven.  The tissue is chicken
leg knee joints.   They are formalin fixed, EDTA decaled, and paraffin
embedded samples.  I think that coated slides may help.  Does anyone have a
simple protocol for making coated slides to help this tissue stick?
Thanks in advance for the help.

Loralee Gehan
University of Rochester

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