Thanks --- West Nile : looking for Albert at Bronx Zoo

From:Connie McManus

Thanks to all of you who have sent procedures and contacts.  It is very deeply appreciated.  Also, thanks to you who have submitted those great poems!!  I loved reading them. always good to take a break from the grind and get a good laugh!!
Connie M
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Mary had it almost right.
she's thinking of Alfred Ngbokoli. I don't have contact info for him but I do have Dr. McNamara's phone number
good luck
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Dr. Tracey McNamara at the Bronx Zoo  in New York City is the WNV guru. Her
technician is Albert , and has spoken several times to the New York State
Histotechnological Society. Can anyone in Histoland help out with a way to
contact Albert? This would be a great place to start.
Best of luck!

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> Hi all,
> first I want to thank everyone for the advice and help to my query on BVD
> IHC fetal tissues.
> Second...
> We will shortly be setting up West Nile Virus IHC here and I am looking
> for
> Procedures, antibody sources, etc.  If anyone is doing this, or know where
> I
> can get the info, please pass it along if you're willing to share.  I
> deeply
> appreciate all the help I get from this place!!! *g*
> Connie McManus
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