Adhesion Problems

From:"Cornett, Lorraine D"

Fellow histonetters,
We need help!  We are having increasing amounts of adhesion problems!  We
run two processors, one for routine tissues and one for small biopsies, we
are processing in zinc formalin, alcohols, and xylene.
In the past we have had a small amount of trouble with adhesion of immuno
slides, but it has migrated to our surgicals, EVERYTHING!, gall bladders,
breast, fallopian tubes, etc.  We are going crazy recutting all this stuff
that is folding, flopping, and just plain falling off the glass.
We cut on waterbaths of distilled water with HALT adhesive added.The
waterbaths run about 46-47 degrees.
All literature says not to use adhesives with charged or "plus"
glass....using no adhesive with these extra charged slides is sure defeat
for us...we proved it again during an instrument demo....tissue on charged
glass, no adhesive in the water....end tissue on slide.
The pathologist's are trying to be patient, but I don't know what to try!
Nothing in our process is new or different, all of a sudden we have had this
increasing problem.

I would be tempted to offer a monetary reward for the solution, but let's
just pretend that I am, all responses and suggestions would be greatly
appreciated, and seriously considered.

Lorraine Cornett
Blue Ridge Pathology Consultants
Kingsport, TN  37664
423 224-6767

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