Re: Occupational injury?

From:Lesley Weston

I'm sorry to hear it. I'm getting many replies from fellow-sufferers - it
seems there is something in it. I might possibly pass all this information
on, if I can figure out who to send it to (I'm in Canada). Of course, I'll
remove all names and addresses if I do.

Lesley Weston.

on 29/08/2002 5:40 AM, John Hoffpauir at wrote:

> i get what you have describe on occasion. i take advil for ir and hope it geas
> away. i have RSI in both hands. that is probly from the computer.
> let me know what info you get on this important subject. to often EM people
> are left off the list when it comes to reppitive injuries. i guess we use our
> brains more than our hands. ouch i got a headache just thinking about that.
> john

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