Re: Fish histology

From:Tora Bardal

Microscopic Anatomy of Salmonids: An Atlas.
Yasutake and Wales
United states Departmnet og the Interior
Fishe and Wildlife Service
Resource Publication 150
Washington, D.C 1983

Histology of the Atlantic Cod, Gadus morhua: an Atlas
Carol M.Morrison
ISBN 0-660-57482-9

At 24.08.02 15:09+0400, you wrote:
> Hi Everyone,
> Is there anyone who is currently involved in fish histology? I am looking
> for a book/atlas on basic fish histology and would be grateful for any
> suggestions. Also,does anyone know of any fish pathology courses?
> Thanks,
> Evelyn Kaplan
> Dept of Pathology,
> Sultan Qaboos University,
> Muscat, Oman

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