RE: silly specimen designations

From:"Nader, Alexander"

to add something in German:

Sertoli-cell-only-testis once was written:

"Sehr-tolle-Zellen-..." which means "rather nice cells" in German.=20

BTW: here we have to keep all writen records for 30 years, so no information
can be lost. We do archive our reports only electronically, but we still
keep the clinical informations as we get them, including all mistakes and
other funny things. 

A last episode for German-speaking collegues: I once received a bag with
blood and tissue fragments labelled "traumatische mütz" ("traumatic cap"),
can you figure it out what sort of traumatic tissue that was?

Alexander Nader MD

> Was once sent from a private clinic, 2 silicone bags from a 
> prosthetic breast removal.
> They were labelled "Full cities".
> I presume the conversation (between 2 auxiliary nurses) went 
> something like....
> "Hey Mabel, what shall I do with these?"
> "Send them to pathology"
> "What shall I call them?"
> "False titties".

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