Viral infections


Not sure how many of you will open this message given the subject  
heading title I've given it!
Last week, for the third or fourth time in about two months, I picked up 
the same virus when reading  Histonet contributions.

Each had the  following "name"  W32/klez.emf"
The last one was from " peitlow"
The last one also had the following in the subject heading "Look at my 
beautiful girlfriend"

You may wish to note thant on NONE of the occasions did I actually 
open the e-mail (especially the last one - for those who doubt me!!)

Dr Soloman told me on each occasion that the message carried a virus 
and refused to co-operate with me until I had eradicated it (the virus, 
that is)

I write to warn of the virus and also reflect on the coincidence that each 
time it has arrived via Histonet.Russ A

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