Re: Light Green Aqueous Mounting


I use light green as CS for TRAP on GMA embedded sections and what I do
for mounting is to rinse the CS in deionized water and then air dry the
sections and either coverslip dry or dip the dried sections briefly (one
dip) in xylene just before mounting with permount.

John Baker wrote:

> Dear Histonetters,
> I'm trying to do a TRAP stain on bone tissue with light green as the
> counterstain.  The color product for the TRAP stain cannot be cleared
> to xylene, because it will dissolve, so I have been trying to aqueous
> mount the slides.  However, I am finding that the light green is
> fading very fast (within a week).  I was wondering if light green is
> not compatible with aqueous mounting?  Do sections stained with light
> green have to mounted with a xylene-based medium?
> thanks in advance for any assistance,   John
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