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From:"Monson, Frederick C."

Afternoon Hazel,
	It is clear that you are having a problem with drying, because of
the manner in which you are storing the slides while they are drying.  My
suggestion would be to do something like the following.
	I don't know what Xylene substitute you are using, but it is likely
that in order for your specimens to dry THAT substance has to evaporate.
That being the case, you MUST determine a way by which the slides remain
exposed in such a manner that evaporation can occur more freely.  The
simplest solution to such a problem is to store the slides in open 'folders'
or trays and separate them to provide for free movement of air.  I would
purchase a slide storage box(s) sufficient to hold about a week's worth of

I searched and found these relatively inexpensive units.

I would then mount a 12V computer fan unit on the back of such a unit, a
filter pad across the entire front to stop room dust, and using a 12V
adapter from Radio Shack I would draw air through such a unit to speed

This may appear make-shift, but your proto-type, taken back to the supplier,
would probably net you free storage for a decade.


Fred Monson

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> From: 	Horn, Hazel V
> Sent: 	Tuesday, August 6, 2002 11:56 AM
> To: 	'histonet'
> Subject: 	drying slides
> My pathologists are complaining about the length of time it takes our
> slides
> to dry before filing.  This creates several stacks of slide folders in my
> office until they are filed.   We do not file them until 2-3 weeks after
> coverslipping to ensure they do not stick together in the slide file.
> We
> use a permount type media with our xylene substitute.   The substitute we
> use is XS xylene substitute with the permount being, Histo Mount T.    Any
> ideas, suggestions???
> Please Help!!!!
> Thanks,
> Hazel

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