Re: Bouinophobia

From:louise renton

Thanks for putting this very real hazard into perspective.. too often we are 
influenced by the MSDS which often (but not always)relates to industrial 
quantities of the chemical. Let us not forget that both water and oxygen are 
in their own right hazardous substances.
Best regards
Louise Renton
Bone research Unit
South Africa
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>To: Merkey Marjorie 
>Subject: Re: Masson's Trichrome (heating of Bouin's fixative in microwave)
>Date: Thu, 08 Aug 2002 02:33:54 +
>Fear not the dreaded picric acid in Bouin's.  The ONLY
>way it will explode on you is if you first overboil it,
>getting it splattered over the inside of the microwave,
>THEN, let it dry thoroughly, THEN, hit a sizeable spot
>of the dried residue with a fairly large hammer.  You
>will get more of a "Phut" than a "Bang", if anything
>happens at all.
>Adrian Leek.
> > Good Afternoon:
> > "

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