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Patsy, maybe that is the way it was at your school, but at mine they gave us
a unique number not related in any way to the SSN. The thing is, now days
with an SSN a person can hijack your entire identity. Not very smart to use
SSN for anything except the absolute necessities.


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I know this SS # requirement can be annoying and even threatening, but
it is going to be difficult to change the system which goes way back, to
at least when I was in college, grades were then and still are posted by
SS#'s rather than by name with the idea of protecting a persons
identity.  We all now know that for many purposes our SS# better
identifies us than our name, but old dogs die hard.  NSH/ASCP didn't
just make up this idea of asking for the SS#, they do it because the gov
requires this of them when filing taxes or giving out CEU's.

Amos Brooks wrote:

> Let's all have a naked barcode tattoo party !!! Seriously though, I
> agree. I too get leery about putting my SS# down for ID. There should
> be a better way. Amos Brooks
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>       Just when are we going to stop using our Social Security
>      numbers for the
>      exam and for the NSH?
>      With the way identity theft is going on I for one think it
>      is time for the
>      NSH to find another way to identify all of us in the
>      organization.
>      Our President Bush has also said that it is time to find
>      some other way for
>      every one to number us and not to use the Social Security
>      System.
>      I would like feed back on this since I'am going to address
>      this issue at the
>      NSH meeting in Long Beach.
>      Connie Grubaugh
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>      from what i remember, you don't put your name anywhere!!
>      use your social security or immigration number.  if you use
>      a label, use ink.  if you use an automatic slide labeler
>      like Surgipaths or something, use that.Cheryl Ann Powell
>      B.S., HTL(ASCP)Botsford General Hospital
>      Farmington Hills, MI USA
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