Re: melanin bleach with IHC

Hello there,  I have recently performed IHC on tissue that the pathologist
asked me to do the melanin bleach on.  Not knowing how long I should leave it
in the bleach solution I guessed about two hours ( it could have been a
little longer)  but for all intensive purposes it worked quite well.  I did
the HMB45 AB and the S100 AB stain on the tissue.  We use Trilogy antigen
retrievel so I first baked the slides and deparaffinized them then took them
to water and performed the bleaching process.  After the bleaching I went
ahead with the Trilogy even though it had already been deparaffinized.  It
seemed to work ok. I used potassium permangenate / oxilic acid( I question my
spelling sorry) to do the bleaching. Anyway I hope this helps a little.

Kim Sherrell, HT(ASCP)

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