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From:Roy Ellis

I have a small book called 'The microtome' published by Leitz in 1961. The
'state of the art' rotary microtome in that publication is the 1212. So I
guess the 1212 is of that vintage. Also depicted in the book is the 1213
small freezing microtome, the 1310 large freezing microtome, the 1300 base
sledge and the 1201 inclined sledge.
Roy Ellis

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> I have a Leitz Wetzlar type 1212 rotary microtome.  I have never seen of
> this model.  A hospital in Lincoln City Oregon asked me if I could use a
> microtome and I said yes.  I had no idea it was this old.  I have been in
> the field for over 25 years and I have never seen this model.  Does anyone
> out there have any idea how old it might be?
> Donna L. Carlton HT(ASCP)
> Good Sam Corvallis, OR:-)

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