Re: folding sections

From:Fulvio Magara

>Date: 23 Aug 2001 16:11:29 -0500
>Subject: folding mouse sections
>I'm nissl staining thin (35-50 micron) mouse brain sections, and having
>problems with the sections folding around the edges during the staining
>procedure. They look fine when I slice them (on a cryostat) and mount
>them on gelatin-subbed slides, but after processing they're folded and
>some sections have come off the slides completely. I've noticed that
>this happens more often in the EtOH steps than xylene steps, for what
>that's worth. Any advice would be great. Thanks

Hallo Mark,
I believe it depends on the way you mount your sections on the glass slides.
Try to use less liquid or, at worse, expose the sections, once mounted, to 
formaline vapours overnight (this re-polimerizes teh gelatine).
I personally mount sections transferring them in a drop of buffer with a 
fire-blunted pasteur pipette. Then I  aspirate excess liquid with a 
(normal) pasteur, and the section just sits down and sticks on the slide. 
Let them dry overnight before going for stainings.The goal is exactly to 
anchor each section with one edge on a dry part of the slide. But all 
our  technician just use brushes, and hate this fussy procedure...Hope you 
can understand all what I meant...
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