Re: hospital vs corporation which would you choose?

Dear Angie:  I was in the very same situation a number of years ago going 
from the hospital to a private corporation.  I wondered the same thing when I 
was 50 years old if I could make it in the business world.  I did it , I'm 
glad I did it, and I would do it again. 
The plus side, at least for me, was you get: much better pay, a break from 
purely routine operations, not having to deal with all those egos in the 
hospital,  much more respect for what you bring to the table, more job 
challenge, more opportunities to grow, more opportunities to learn outside 
your job without having to beg for money to attend conferences, workshops, 
seminars.  No more me doctor, you tech attitude.  You have more independence 
and more chances for faster advancement in salary and career positions.  You 
can actually negotiate your job requirements such as wages, time off, working 
hours, etc. 
On the down side:  no guarantee of everlasting employment. I've been laid off 
in the past but would never, never go back to the hospital again. Been there, 
done that, and have all the T-shirts. If you are the kind of person that 
doesn't want any surprises or changes in your routine, private business may 
not be for you.

I would caution you however that some of these histology private labs are 
definitely sweat shops and only interested in turning out as much product as 
possible in the shortest possible time.  Before you leap, look hard at the 
company and see if you like the atmosphere and,  most of all, are the present 
employees happy and like their jobs?  It's important to talk to them and get 
a sense how much they enjoy their work.  Do you like the person whom you'll 
be working for?  Don't be afraid to ask questions of both employees and 
management how the company operates.  If something seems wrong, it probably 
Good luck to you in whatever you choose.  If you have other questions that I 
could help you with, I'd be glad to talk to you off the histonet either by 
email or by phone. 
 Regards, Tom Kuwahara
Senior Immunohistochemist
San Francisco, CA

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