Re: Tunel technique for apoptosis

From:Victoria Baker

Hi Todd,

Our facility does Apoptosis with the Enzo Diagnostics
kit.  We've had good results with it.  I'm at home,
but I do have the protocol at work.  Are you going to
work with human or rat tissue?  It makes a BIG
difference.  There are references that come with the
kit, but I have others as well.  If you would like a
list of these please let me know.

Vikki Baker
American Health Foundation
Valhalla, New York
--- Todd Smith  wrote:
> Is there anyone out there doing this tunel technique
> for apoptosis using
> the Cell death assay system from Enzo?  I have a
> pathologist interested
> and would like any pertinent info and/or articles. 
> Thanks and have a
> great day.

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