hosp v corp response to Dr. Oppenheimer

From:"Jasper, Thomas"

I am in 100% agreement with Sarah. I most certainly am first and foremost
concerned with the patient! I operate under the assumption that all
histotechs are. The ones I've worked with over the years have unquestionably
been. Dr. Oppenheimer, what do you think...perhaps nurses aren't concerned
about patients because they have the most powerful unions in healthcare and
all they worry about are their wages and benefits?! Think about it. I
realize that pathologists are the ones carrying the legal responsibility
etc., but don't shoot from the hip about histotechs discussing the pros and
cons of clinical vs corporate settings and attribute it to a lack of concern
for patients!
As Sarah said there have been many times in my work life when I have done
things because of the impact on the patient. Perhaps this is altruistic but
I like to believe that everyone at this facility from the CEO(an M.D.by the
way)on down to our part-time volunteers all have the patient's welfare first
in mind. I can also recall the first staff meeting I ever attended when I
began working in histology, the chief pathologist was addressing our group.
The first thing he said was,"I realize you people do not work here for the
money." I cannot recall anything else about the meeting but truer words have
never been spoken. That Dr. knew he had a good staff, knew they should've
been paid more and never once questioned anyone's commitment to the patient!

Thomas Jasper HT(ASCP) BAS
Histology Team Leader
SMDC Clinical Laboratory
Duluth, MN

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