Re: Preserving specimens for LCM

From:Liz Lummus

Dear Richard,

I hadn't thought about just picking like a madwoman
for a few days and then storing the caps. Brilliant!
Thanks for the suggestions.

FYI: Someone else has suggested storing the slides
frozen under vacuum. Technically, it should keep ice
crystals from forming. I have never done it though, so
don't really know how well it works. I may give it a
try as well...


Liz Lummus

--- richard hazelton  wrote:
> Dear Liz,
> Once the cells have been captured they are
> relatively stable on the caps, so
> it may be better to save caps rather than sections.
> Caps may be stored
> at -70C, -20Cor even 4C for a couple of weeks.
> If your sections are fixed before storage,
> morphology may be better
> preserved, but for RNA, the best results are
> obtained when the specimen is
> processed without delay. A cryopreservative such as
> sucrose/glycerol may be
> satisfactory, but I haven't tried to recover RNA
> from sections stored this
> way. This gives good results for IHC but RNA is very
> labile in an aqueous
> solution.
> hooroo,richard
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Liz Lummus 
> To: Histonet 
> Date: Saturday, 18 August 2001 7:52
> Subject: Preserving specimens for LCM
> >I am currently using LCM to extract RNA from mouse
> >testis. The results are good using freshly cut
> >specimens on glass slides. I would like to store
> extra
> >slide samples at -70C for future use, but the
> >morphology after thawing makes it difficult to pick
> >out cell structure due to ice artifact. Is there
> any
> >way of storing the samples that will preserve both
> the
> >RNA and the morphology, or am I asking too much?
> >
> >Thanks in advance,
> >
> >Liz Lummus
> >Biochemistry
> >UTSWMC @ Dallas
> >
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