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        A Museum, and me thinking I was at the cutting edge (no pun intended). Freezing microtome with Co2 cylinder, my pride and joy, a beautiful instrument and still in regular use. Museum indeed, hmm.

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Subject: Fw: Museum of Histotechnology?
Date: Mon, 20 Aug 2001 23:31:15 +0100
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Subject: RE: Museum of Histotechnology?

> I found a website once that had a pathology equipment museum on line. I'm
> not sure I still have that link but I'll look for it. There was also a
> museum of sorts set up at the NSH meeting a few years ago.
> Tim Morken
> Atlanta
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> Subject: Museum of Histotechnology?
> Is there such a thing as a museum of Histotechnology somewhere in the
> or here in the States? The basic technique of sectioning and staining has
> not changed much, but equipment and methods have. It would be nice to know
> some of these old pieces of equipment and other items related to
> histotechnology were being saved for posterity. Items that come to mind
> Histokinette tissue processors, Freezing microtomes with carbon dioxide
> cylinders, and the early immunohistochemistry kits from Dako and Immulok
> that came out in the early 70's.
> I know the AFIP museum has some items but I don't know of any where else.
> Mike Titford
> USA Pathology
> Mobile
>  tissue processors, freezing microtomes with carbon dioxide cylinders

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