Re: Dr. Oppenheimer's Credo

Dr Oppenheimer
For the most part I agree with all that you say, however many pathologists
take us for granted, few if any (that I have worked for ) have gone to
administration and helped us, few have backed us up , many tthink those
trained on the job of lesser value than those with degrees. many believe we
are there to service them , not the patients. Most physicians and
admininstrators forget that we have homes, families, and obligations and are
not greedy but need to pay our bills, put our kids thru school, go to school
ourselves. I personally find it offensive that our value becomes apparent
when few want to enter our field. When hospitals can find no replacements.
I have worked in hospitals 26 years, love what I do, fought for my techs, but
my anger is at those who saw a female dominated field and thought they could
pay us less, that we should wait on them. I have struggled up the career
ladder, worked my way thru degrees, given 60 hrs some weeks and for once it
is wonderful to see people fighting over us, I welcome the males to this
field to increase pay status, but
I also do not blame anyone in this field who is offered a wonderful
opportunity to contribute in a different way and earn a great living, who
said the two were mutually exclusive? hurrah finally for us. Just a histotech
who wants to see the right things done.                                Dana
                                         Anatomic Pathology Manager
                                         Abington Memorial Hospital
                                       (EARNED THE HARD WAY)

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