Re: Dr. Oppenheimer's Credo

From:Amos Brooks

    This is the primary reason I left my job in a private reference lab for
one in a University Hospital setting. It was almost a joke the way the
company was run. The opinion of the stock holders was the primary driving
force behind the company's decisions. It was said that the company was
"Under an attack of the C students" in other words the people who didn't
have what it took to get into or through medical school took their terrible
revenge by getting into administration and buying the companies started by
real scientists.
    I did stay there for a few years though because I could not find anyone
to pay what I had come to consider enough to live on. Hence, tempering my
ethics with self worth.
    Unfortunately I am not sure how long I can last at any job including
this one. There are problems with any job in any situation, usually
different problems but problems none the less. In a university, I cannot
tolerate the residents completely brainless mistakes. I have come to the
conclusion that the first rotation should be to file blocks & slides to
teach the importance of properly labeling them in the first place. Simple
mistakes but when approached about the problem and asked to fix it the words
"This is trivial" were used! This was supposed to be a job transition to a
place more interested in patient care! I don't think such a place really
exists, so it's best to find a place that can pay the bills first and
foremost, then do what you can to be sure that the patient is first on YOUR
OWN priority list.
Somewhat disenchanted,
Amos Brooks

> 1- The practice of medicine for the primary purpose of making profit is
> unethical

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