Re: BOR exam

From:Jeffrey S Crews

Any exam is flawed by its very nature; some things have to be left out
and others included. And some qualified people will fail simply because
of that. 
That said, I do have a problem with the BOR exam as I took it: the
pictures. Perhaps it was the testing facility's fault, but the photos on
the monitor were shockingly bad.
One, that I remember as a picture of some red blurry smears on a larger
brown blurry smear, went with the  question "What would you do to improve
this stain?"
My answer was "First, clean the damn lens," but that wasn't one of the

If I got any of the photo questions correct, I think it was by sheer luck
since none of them looked like anything.
Okay, complaint over.

Jeffrey Crews, HTL (ASCP)

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